Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ho Ho Holiday’s

How to dress for the Holidays
When dressing for the holiday’s either for the work place or family gatherings, keep in mind your audience you will be surrounded by.  Knowing what is appropriate and expected will win you a good time for all.
  At a work function, a nice party dress can be expected but only when the event is catered but the “NOT” catered at the office.   If the event is being held at some place other then the corporate dining room, you should defiantly dress for the occasion, but take your lead from your boss.  Always find out where the function is and then inquire about the dress code.  If it is dressy feel free to wear the perfect little black dress… or that French cuff shirt and Sport Coat you’ve been wanting to take out of the closet and be the rock star you know you are, then do it.
If it is an office party, what you wear to work will do fine.
If you are going to a house part for the Ho Ho Holidays, then feel free to ask the host what they are wearing and take your lead from them.  If they say they are dressing up ask them to be more specific to what they are wearing.  For example; if your host is wearing an evening gown well, you really need to step it up a notch!  Remember you can never be over dressed but you can be under dressed…
Happy Ho Ho Holidays!!!
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