Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Leg Draggers and Mommy Jean Wears

Spring Up into Fashion

Can you be a leg dragger or a mommy jean wearer?  How do you recognize if you are?  Here’s a few tips to see if this fits your profile. 
1.        Do you have jeans on that are over your belly button?
2.       Are the pockets of your jean larger than your hand?
3.       Do your old jeans look like your new jeans?
So you ladies can figure it out here’s a before and an after of one of my customers.
Just a little information before we move forward to the before and after;  Here is a women 60 years of age and came into my store and was looking around, and I like to allow people to get a feel of my store before I ask them if they need any help.
So, I asked this women, would you like some help, and she shyly smiled and said you don’t have anything here for my age.
I just smiled and asked her what she was looking for?  She replied something for my daughter’s wedding… and I asked the usual questions, what time of day is it? Is it black tie? Where is it being held?   And she politely told me and then she told me that her X-husband was going to be there… with I believe his new little chippy wife… 
So I replied, ok let’s fix what you’re wearing first, because you can’t just be seen running around a wedding like this then be dress later…

So here is how I found her… looking all of the age she said she was…

This how I transformed her…
No longer looks her age does she?
Now what I like to do is allow my clients to choose something so I can see the direction that they are going in… So this is what she chose…
Her Choice
And this is how I saw her…
My Choice

Now, she no longer looks the age she told me, nor does she look like a leg dragger!…  and "THE LEG DRAGGER" expression comes from acting like your dragging one leg in the grave and you have given up!
 I understand it’s not always easy to remember who you are but if you try I bet that there’s someone fabulous in you just waiting to get out!  And if you feel you can’t do it alone contact me and I’ll help you!  Or visit me in my store “Fresh by Karlanne”  located on the corner of Hartford Road and Old Marlton Pike, in Medford NJ
Because I would love to show all you women how beautiful you really are, any age, any body type, anytime!
Remember, Fresh by Karlanne is where fashion starts and personalities bloom!
Happy Shopping