Bio of Karlanne Stradling
New Jersey Fashion Diva by Karlanne
“My Goal is to AMAZE my clients”, says Karlanne.   The New Jersey Fashion Diva.  What differentiate her and her services are experience, knowledge, expertise and innovation.  These skill sets, coupled with her passion to please her clients leads to a highly personalized fashion makeover.  How does she do that?
Karlanne, The Fashion Diva, accomplishes with a complete line of services that have been developed over years of experience in the fashion industry.  “We have a full line of services to match any client’s needs and budget.  This allows us to individualize the results and the look Fabulous!”
Karlanne has 25 plus years of experience in the Fashion Industry, starting out as a manager and buyer for Benetton Store in their prime,  to further her career she moved forward with a high end, show Store and a manager and buyer for Regent, caring brands like Bruno Magli, Cole Haan, and Gucci. Karlanne was persuaded to take a position at Lee New Man’s Fine Men’s Clothing Store. Her experience doesn’t stop there¸ Karlanne   went on to merchandise and design for LCA Intimates, a ladies lingerie company where she not only designed and merchandise the product she also helped develop the line for Macy’s Nordstrom, JC Penny’s and more. After leaving LCA Intimates, Karlanne was lured back to Lee Newman Fine Men’s Clothing only to move up the latte to become a National Account manager for Flagstaff Industries, where she ran and developed a national sales team, while following Fashion trends and developing new product for high profile clients.
Karlanne decided to go out on her own and back to the one on one client. Bringing her full circle, back to the people she loved. The one on one client wants a little more out of there fashion sense. “I enjoy making people look and feel good about them”.  One of her main goals is helping them understand and develop their own sense of style.
Karlanne was on the cutting edge of Men’s Fashion, being one the first women to ever have a full book of men’s clothing and fashion. Most Women in the men’s boutique industry basically did shirts and ties. But Karlanne was different in the fact that she did it all… She developed a clientele of Professionals; Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, other Professionals and their spouses.   Karlanne developed one of the first Men’s Fashion Organizational Systems, so-called garaminals for men’s suits.  She numbered and lettered each of her client’s suits, shit and ties and charted them to make up different outfits. This was done only for customers by request. Karlanne has also been performing closet evaluations for years and supplying customers with shopping list and at a quick glance outfit charts.
Karlanne helps  large corporations with seminars for “Dress for Success” and others like “The Well Dressed Life” and “What to Wear While Dating” “Accessories Friends Not Foe” just to name a few. Her Current Company New Jersey Fashion Diva by Karlanne, is one of the most recognizes names in the Fashion industry with her virtual intake and pre consultation questionnaire; she is a leader with client services by taking that extra step along the way.
“This is incredibly rewarding for me.  I Love It!”
Karlanne has also worked for Russell Corporation, a division of Fruit of the loom, as a Regional Territory Manager, with accounts like Wal Mart, Boscov’s and Dicks Sporting goods.
KNOWLEDGE: Philadelphia University, CTDA (Custom Tailors& Designers Association), Design & Merchandising, Production, Marketing, Creative Design, CMT, FOB, Landed, PC, Retail, Whole Sale
INNOVATION: Pre Consultation Intake, Essentials List, Quick Outfits, Closet Triage, etc…
EXPERTISE: Design, Color, Fit, Shape, Style, Fabric, Cut