Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Fashion Advice

Why we do what we do???

How do you know who to follow?  There are so many people running around with fashion advice but with very little to no knowledge of what is correct or not correct…. How do we weed thru all the hype and glamour of famous people (Not in the industry) being quoted, but has the meda’s attention…  

Well, I like to think that some of the greats, meaning Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, and Marc Jacobs still has a voice in the industry with common people.  When I say common people, I mean those who aren’t famous, movie stars, or a Trump of sorts.  You know the soccer mom who, somehow forgets to put on makeup before leaving the house, yet has time to keep up with the Jones…   The common audiences, those who have forgotten that they are beautiful no matter what we say to them.  They lack the self confidence that we all long to hear from someone that means something to us.  Forgetting that the person who really matter is (us or themselves).  Stop listening to the chatter of the white noise in the background of those who think they know but really just want to be heard in the fashion industry, and not for the right reason.
When going shopping do yourself a favor and keep to a few rules that you can live by…
1.       Always listen to that little person inside weather you look good or not
2.       Take a chance and try something new,  but keep rule #1 in mind, but think outside the box
3.       Remember age is a number not an outfit, when thinking you are dressing to “YOUNG” it’s not about the clothing it’s more about if it’s appropriate  and how your wearing it.
4.       Elegant and edgy is a simple refined look and one everyone should work towards.
5.       Keep your body type and skin tone in mind when shopping, and ladies so you know every size is beautiful, it’s just weather you are dressing correctly or to accommodate your figure, and using all your assets.  So figure out what your assets are and use them.
Now when shopping if at a boutique make sure the owner knows more about clothing then you do and the words  I opened a boutique because  “They Always Just Wanted To Have One”!   That is not the person to buy from…  Boutique owners should have at least 5 yrs in each of the following subjects as a background to understand how to dress anyone correctly.  They should be as follows; design and  merchandising, manufacturing, and sales.  The reason I say that is because to really know the business and a customer you have to know cuts, style and body types to understand the entire customer, not just the perfectly thin and beautiful people that walk thru the door, which is easy to dress.  Instead challenge them to their knowledge, and understand what you are asking before you challenge them.  Here are a few easy Q & A to ask to know if you’re shopping in the right place or not!
1.       Q. What do you think is the most forgiving cut for a skirt?      A. Pencil skirt    why because pencil skirts are forgiving to most figures, and A line skirt is really only for those with a tiny waist and perfect butt.
2.       Q. What season do you think I am, meaning a Winter Spring Summer or Fall?   Here’s the thing if they answer just one of them, well, let’s put it this way… A.  They don’t know because no one person is a single season, and I do mean no one is just what I said.   Our color of our complexion changes with the seasons as does hair color for those of you that prefer to rock a different color per season.  And any good boutique owner will know that, or at least someone who has been in the industry for years, and faces it, isn’t that why you’re going to a boutique! For that one of a kind special piece that you need in your wardrobe.  
When you find that boutique that can answer those questions then you’ve found a home,  at my boutique I follow all these rules and more!  I would never tell someone that they look good in something just to make a sale this is my reputation on the line,  so not only are they representing themselves but they are representing me and my boutique,  and that’s big.   Well ladies happy hunting and remember your beautiful no matter what size, shape or height you are.  And only you can change who and how you feel about the way you look.
Happy Shopping!
By Karlanne
Fresh by Karlanne “A Unique Clothing Boutique”
Fresh is where fashion starts & personalities bloom!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Leg Draggers and Mommy Jean Wears

Spring Up into Fashion

Can you be a leg dragger or a mommy jean wearer?  How do you recognize if you are?  Here’s a few tips to see if this fits your profile. 
1.        Do you have jeans on that are over your belly button?
2.       Are the pockets of your jean larger than your hand?
3.       Do your old jeans look like your new jeans?
So you ladies can figure it out here’s a before and an after of one of my customers.
Just a little information before we move forward to the before and after;  Here is a women 60 years of age and came into my store and was looking around, and I like to allow people to get a feel of my store before I ask them if they need any help.
So, I asked this women, would you like some help, and she shyly smiled and said you don’t have anything here for my age.
I just smiled and asked her what she was looking for?  She replied something for my daughter’s wedding… and I asked the usual questions, what time of day is it? Is it black tie? Where is it being held?   And she politely told me and then she told me that her X-husband was going to be there… with I believe his new little chippy wife… 
So I replied, ok let’s fix what you’re wearing first, because you can’t just be seen running around a wedding like this then be dress later…

So here is how I found her… looking all of the age she said she was…

This how I transformed her…
No longer looks her age does she?
Now what I like to do is allow my clients to choose something so I can see the direction that they are going in… So this is what she chose…
Her Choice
And this is how I saw her…
My Choice

Now, she no longer looks the age she told me, nor does she look like a leg dragger!…  and "THE LEG DRAGGER" expression comes from acting like your dragging one leg in the grave and you have given up!
 I understand it’s not always easy to remember who you are but if you try I bet that there’s someone fabulous in you just waiting to get out!  And if you feel you can’t do it alone contact me and I’ll help you!  Or visit me in my store “Fresh by Karlanne”  located on the corner of Hartford Road and Old Marlton Pike, in Medford NJ
Because I would love to show all you women how beautiful you really are, any age, any body type, anytime!
Remember, Fresh by Karlanne is where fashion starts and personalities bloom!
Happy Shopping

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ho Ho Holiday’s

How to dress for the Holidays
When dressing for the holiday’s either for the work place or family gatherings, keep in mind your audience you will be surrounded by.  Knowing what is appropriate and expected will win you a good time for all.
  At a work function, a nice party dress can be expected but only when the event is catered but the “NOT” catered at the office.   If the event is being held at some place other then the corporate dining room, you should defiantly dress for the occasion, but take your lead from your boss.  Always find out where the function is and then inquire about the dress code.  If it is dressy feel free to wear the perfect little black dress… or that French cuff shirt and Sport Coat you’ve been wanting to take out of the closet and be the rock star you know you are, then do it.
If it is an office party, what you wear to work will do fine.
If you are going to a house part for the Ho Ho Holidays, then feel free to ask the host what they are wearing and take your lead from them.  If they say they are dressing up ask them to be more specific to what they are wearing.  For example; if your host is wearing an evening gown well, you really need to step it up a notch!  Remember you can never be over dressed but you can be under dressed…
Happy Ho Ho Holidays!!!
You can also stop by Medford’s, New Jersey Premier Clothing Boutique “Fresh by Karlanne” for some help in this area.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

“Falling” into Fashion

No “Falling” down when it comes to this fall fashion season. 

 This year is all about earth tones and vibrant reds, there are very few purples and even less blues.  So, if you’re not a fan of earth tone just make sure when your shopping this fall to keep in mind each color, your skin tone and make sure you choose something right for you!  Decide on colors that don’t wash you out or make you look yellow.
Be wary of sales people that insist that you look good in a color, that you’re just not sure about…  We all know what’s best for us; just remember to act on what you know.

There are some really fun things this year, Capelets, Wraps and other outerwear that can make or break an outfit.  So, buy what you want just be careful of how you wear it… Remember a single item can make or break your outfit!
Happy Shopping...

Friday, June 3, 2011

It Just Doesn’t Add Up…

As an image consultant, I have patented a list of “Essentials” and “Multipliers” you will see them used in the services I provide. I have been using these for over 28 years and found teaching my clients about these items makes them an educated consumer and gives them a fabulous fashion sense. 

 So, when shopping to get more bang for your buck, adding essentials and multipliers can keep your wardrobe fresh and current.   Most people shop without a plan or even keeping in mind what is needed to reach their goal, or why they are shopping.  This just lead to frustration and the good old phrase… “I have nothing to wear”.

You may ask what are “Essential’s” and “Multipliers”?  Good question and I wish I was asked it more…  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.       “Essentials” are items that are necessary in all wardrobes.  For women it can be as simple as; black belt, black shoes, black purse, and a black jacket to top it off.  These are essentials and can be used in many different ways to make sure your wardrobe coordinate and has balance.  This follows true for a man as well.

2.       Multipliers are as simple as, a shirt, pant, shoe or belt that can be used in everyday wear, dressy occasions, or just a night out on the town with friends.  For example; men if you own a French cuff shirt you usually wear it with a suit for business or a special occasion.   However, if you pair it with jeans, a sport coat and a nice pair of shoes you are now making it a “Multiplier” and can wear this outfit for a night out to dinner or meeting friends at a bar. 

The definition of a “Clothing Multiplier” is a piece of clothing that adds multiple, looks, style, and facets to your wardrobe.     

3.       Now, using “Essentials and Mupltiers” can make an “I have nothing to wear” wardrobe in to an “I need to be seen” wardrobe.  Men, remember to make sure your shoes, and belt always matches, and for you woman, make sure your handbag matches your shoes and belt… (If you bring one).

Now your wardrobe adds up!

 Keep in mind while purchasing new items for your wardrobe existing pieces you already have in your closet that may work with other essentials and multipliers.  This can help you in moving in the right direct of revitalizing, and giving you multiple outfits and sprucing up your wardrobe.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ready, Get Set, "Go Summer Clothing”

“5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight in Time for Your Summer Clothing”
Here are five simple things you can do to slim down for summer clothing.   The first thing you want to do is make sure you don’t set your goal too high, try however to move forward with a plan that’s realistic.     
Losing weight is a state of mind- instead of thinking about how hungry you are or what to eat next, plan your day to include things you have wanted to do like organizing your closet and forge forward in getting it done.  Remove your winter clothing and replacing it with Spring/Summer.   This way food isn’t always on your mind and you have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
1.       Don’t eat first thing in the morning- have a cup of coffee, and 2 glasses of water, let things settle than have something small with some protein in it.   The coffee will get you going and the water fills your belly so you’re not as hungry.

2.       When snacking, eat smart!  A piece of fruit can do it. (Banana, Pear, Apple or some Grapes)  Fruit has fiber and is composed of simple sugars; it will give you a burst of energy you are looking for and will digest quickly.  Fruit also breaks down best when eaten alone.

3.       Lunch can be fun- make a salad or half a sandwich with some chips, cut down the portions from what you usually eat.  Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water before you start eating.  Again, this will fill your stomach and make you less hungry.
4.       Eat Dinner early- if you can’t eat early try eating protein and greens.  Portion size is everything, eating several small meals can help you digest better and keep your body fed.  Starving yourself just sets you up for failure.

5.       Don’t cut carbs or fat out completely, your body will just try harder to hold on to them.  Just reduce them, and replace with something healthy, like a bowl of fiber cereal with skim milk.  This will also give you some fats and carbs, while satisfying your hunger with a healthier choice.
Exercise whenever you can, even taking a walk after dinner.  Any extra effort will help you fit into that little pink bikini or those awesome swim trunks.  In no time at all you will feel better and improve the fit of your new Summer clothing.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Show Critique: “What Not to Wear”

Or Should We Call It “What Not to Watch”?
In the clothing industry we “Fashion & Image Consultants” like to keep up with what is new, current and trend setting.   So we read trade magazines, go to trade shows, meet with vendors and buy product.  Always keeping an eye on what is best for the client, and when I say “Best” I mean what is correct in the industry in keeping up with the times.  However, I have watched a show called “What Not to Wear” several times now.   I’ve been watching and waiting for their advice to improve, or maybe just give some advice, direction, or even discuss and show the client some specific ideas.  Well, that just seems like too much to ask!  I stress to my clients friends and fans NOT to follow this show.  I have seen these two individuals throw away amazing items that you can change and incorporate into a functional wardrobe and they tend to give very bad advice when they do!  And I will be more than specific on this in a moment, but first…

The female host of the show often looks like she doesn’t have a mirror or has ever read trade magazines, been to a trade show, has bought or sold anything in the apparel industry!   The male host dresses pretty well, but face it- most of my gay friends understand they need to pay attention to detail, and they tend to dress fabulously.  Look, all they really do in this show is hire someone to cut your hair, do your makeup, and give you 5 thousand dollars to spend, then throw away all your clothing.  What they need to do is sit with the person, show them some current looks, go through their wardrobe teach them the essentials, how to use them, and why they’re so import to everybody’s wardrobe. 

I have always believed style is really an outward manifestation or expression, of someone’s inner beauty- so I always express this to clients and ask them how their “inner beauty” should be expressed on the outside.  Their answer always gives me some direction.  The hosts of “What Not to Wear” carelessly toss their client to the wolves and belittle them for their fashion choices, instead of giving direction.   They discuss body type but rarely explain to the client, or should I say victim, what is right for them and how to accentuate their figure.  Isn’t that their job?  At the end of the show they slap some makeup on them, do their hair, and put them in the best outfit they can find and throw them back into the world with a new wardrobe and very little knowledge of how they got there.
When sitting with an individual it’s important to consider their lifestyle, which they do, however without that they wouldn’t have an opening to their show.   I always keep in mind their daily activities, work place, social life, and family budget.  They give very little applicable advice to their guests.  Essentials are key items that belong in everybody’s wardrobe, regardless of their lifestyle, activities, or budget.  Essentials are wardrobe multipliers, which help you, coordinate several outfits, and are easily used in work, home and play clothing.  For example, a black shirt, black shoes, black belt, black slacks, black jacket.  Obviously your items don’t all have to be black- choose another color if you want but this is just an example.  These items all play a role in building wardrobe multipliers.  Shoes should match your belt and handbag if you’re a woman, and for you men: shoes, belt, socks and jacket if you are wearing a jacket that day- they should all coordinate, and they are what we call essential multipliers.  Again, the black belt, shoes and purse can all be worn at either work or play and sometimes in your daily routine making them essential multipliers as well as a good use of your wardrobe.   None of this advice is ever expressed nor understood by the victim who just had their wardrobe thrown out. 
Personally, you would learn more by just reading my services and blogs than you would from watching 20 episodes of this show.  My clients understand and appreciate what I do for them because I teach them “how” to dress, how to follow current looks, and how clothing can be used for their individual body type, personality, and lifestyle.  So in closing I am asking you to not take advice given in this show. 


If you need Fashion Advice, an image makeover, need to hire a Personal Shopper, or an Image Consultant in the New Jersey & Philadelphia area, please contact me, Karla, at  We can tailor custom men's suits, dresses, and formal wear for any occassion.