Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Fashion Advice

Why we do what we do???

How do you know who to follow?  There are so many people running around with fashion advice but with very little to no knowledge of what is correct or not correct…. How do we weed thru all the hype and glamour of famous people (Not in the industry) being quoted, but has the meda’s attention…  

Well, I like to think that some of the greats, meaning Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, and Marc Jacobs still has a voice in the industry with common people.  When I say common people, I mean those who aren’t famous, movie stars, or a Trump of sorts.  You know the soccer mom who, somehow forgets to put on makeup before leaving the house, yet has time to keep up with the Jones…   The common audiences, those who have forgotten that they are beautiful no matter what we say to them.  They lack the self confidence that we all long to hear from someone that means something to us.  Forgetting that the person who really matter is (us or themselves).  Stop listening to the chatter of the white noise in the background of those who think they know but really just want to be heard in the fashion industry, and not for the right reason.
When going shopping do yourself a favor and keep to a few rules that you can live by…
1.       Always listen to that little person inside weather you look good or not
2.       Take a chance and try something new,  but keep rule #1 in mind, but think outside the box
3.       Remember age is a number not an outfit, when thinking you are dressing to “YOUNG” it’s not about the clothing it’s more about if it’s appropriate  and how your wearing it.
4.       Elegant and edgy is a simple refined look and one everyone should work towards.
5.       Keep your body type and skin tone in mind when shopping, and ladies so you know every size is beautiful, it’s just weather you are dressing correctly or to accommodate your figure, and using all your assets.  So figure out what your assets are and use them.
Now when shopping if at a boutique make sure the owner knows more about clothing then you do and the words  I opened a boutique because  “They Always Just Wanted To Have One”!   That is not the person to buy from…  Boutique owners should have at least 5 yrs in each of the following subjects as a background to understand how to dress anyone correctly.  They should be as follows; design and  merchandising, manufacturing, and sales.  The reason I say that is because to really know the business and a customer you have to know cuts, style and body types to understand the entire customer, not just the perfectly thin and beautiful people that walk thru the door, which is easy to dress.  Instead challenge them to their knowledge, and understand what you are asking before you challenge them.  Here are a few easy Q & A to ask to know if you’re shopping in the right place or not!
1.       Q. What do you think is the most forgiving cut for a skirt?      A. Pencil skirt    why because pencil skirts are forgiving to most figures, and A line skirt is really only for those with a tiny waist and perfect butt.
2.       Q. What season do you think I am, meaning a Winter Spring Summer or Fall?   Here’s the thing if they answer just one of them, well, let’s put it this way… A.  They don’t know because no one person is a single season, and I do mean no one is just what I said.   Our color of our complexion changes with the seasons as does hair color for those of you that prefer to rock a different color per season.  And any good boutique owner will know that, or at least someone who has been in the industry for years, and faces it, isn’t that why you’re going to a boutique! For that one of a kind special piece that you need in your wardrobe.  
When you find that boutique that can answer those questions then you’ve found a home,  at my boutique I follow all these rules and more!  I would never tell someone that they look good in something just to make a sale this is my reputation on the line,  so not only are they representing themselves but they are representing me and my boutique,  and that’s big.   Well ladies happy hunting and remember your beautiful no matter what size, shape or height you are.  And only you can change who and how you feel about the way you look.
Happy Shopping!
By Karlanne
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