Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Battle of the Pant…

Pleated vs. Non Pleated
As we move forward in the fashion world, there will always be a time and place for the pleated pant… but it’s time and place are now taking a back seat to the “Non Pleated” less traditional and more current pant better known as the, “The Plain Fronts.
Traditionally you would find Pleats on almost every man, woman and child at one time. There has been a full fledge battle going on and it was a fight till the end.  It looks like the battle is over and plain front pants have won the war… The people have spoken and the fashion industry replied with a win for the clean look, trimming style, and more flattering fit.
With more and more styles to come, you will see less and less of slacks with pleats. Plain fronts are making a big come back, they are quickly becoming a clear choice in decision making when buying something new for your wardrobe.
Remember, before purchasing  new pants always consider your body type, height and weight when choosing a new piece of clothing. Try to add to your wardrobe while keeping in mind what you already have. Think about if your purchasing makes sense or not? It is best to add new and fresh pieces to your wardrobe to keep it up dated and looking smart.
Don’t forget that style can be created but fashion is a trend.

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