Sunday, March 13, 2011

“A Line” vs. “Pencil” Skirt

“A Line” vs. “Pencil” Skirt

 An “A Line” skirt is beautiful, elegant, and should only be worn by certain body types.  A Lines skirts aren’t exactly figure friendly. If you prefer an A Line skirt you should look for a few different silhouettes. The more flattering styles of an A Line skirt is usually one of the following types; wide or high wasted and tight to the top of your butt and flares from that point down.  Those styles are the most complimentary to many figures. I truly find that they are best worn by little girls with frills and women with small waists, little butts and very trim.    
The forgiving “Pencil” skirt… Women, listen up, because here is some good advice… The “Pencil” skirt is wonderful, elegant, classic and yet sexy skirt. And “YES” one of the most forgiving styles that women can wear in a skirt. Its straight lines and narrow pencil-like form can make almost any woman’s figure sensual, sexy and slimming. 

Remember when wearing a pencil skirt, keep in mind your height and weight before choosing the length of the skirt.  Pencil skirts, come in many varieties, and can be worn short, long, or as a mini skirt. They can also have slits on one side, both sides, in the back or the front.  Depending where the slit is determines what kind of look you are going for.  The front side slit can mean sexy but conservative; a slit in the back in the middle usually means business-like; and a slit on either one side or both sides means sexy.  So, when choosing your pencil skirt choose wisely- the location of the slit can reveal a lot about you.

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