Friday, March 18, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen “Walk this Way”

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes
Get ready to look down; you might be amazed at what you see! Shoes, shoes and more shoes, which usually means when you’re looking down you won’t like what you see or maybe you will? Depending on the next few statements… Unfortunately “Men” you are the biggest offenders of wearing bad, old and outdated or unpolished shoes. Men if you are still wearing a round toe shoe from 5 years ago, it’s time to update your footwear, because there are some fabulous footwear for men now. With leaders like Cole Haan, Bruno Magli, and Zengara you can hit a home run every time.
So, Men let’s move towards a more current fashion with your footwear. If you are looking for something a little more stylish but not over the top, my suggestion is going forward with a little more of a pointed but squared toe look, this will bring you up to date and glide you into our current times … If you’re more of a fashion gentleman you should move towards the more elongated narrower pointed toe. This look is fashionable and very stylist, but careful you don’t want to purchase a shoe style that does fit your personality… If you make this mistake the bottom line is you’ll find the shoes sitting in your closet until the style comes back around.
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, welcome to “Spring” and I say that because women’s shoes are more fabulous then ever! It’s a free for all for women, ladies feel free to run wild.  Pumps, Sling Backs, Open Toe, High Heels, Sandal’s with heels and Sandals with flats it’s all out there, fabulous, fabulous.
Ladies now is the time to go into your closet and throw away all the shoes with nicks, scrapes and ratty heels… I haven’t seen a bad spring shoe out there… Everything from BCBG, Guess, Steven Madden to “yes” even Jessica Simpson! From bangles around the ankle to strappy slides.

The shoe industry has out done themselves this year, and it’s time to shop. Keep in mind your wardrobe while shopping but have some fun!
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