Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Five to Thrive for the Season

Five things You can do to Spruce up your Spring Wardrobe!
1.    Layout your favorite pieces and buy something little and new for each of those items- make sure you can mix and match the items that you choose with other pieces.

2.   Remove at least 5 pieces for that same Spring wardrobe, look for signs of wear and tear, faded fabrics, or muted colors; Remember it’s Spring so choose things that are dull, uninteresting, and drab to remove.
3.    Accessories are a must! Again, find some favorite pieces from last season and see if you can find a few new pieces to add to it. Keep in mind when changing accessories that the weight of the items makes a difference. Fall is usually heavy looking and thick. Spring is usually light, thin and dangly. So when choosing items to add, make sure they flow together. Again, when choosing your items, briefly look through your accessories and remove any damaged, broken or lost single items.  This will keep you from searching for them later and taking precious time when you could have the right pieces in your hand quickly. This is important when you’re in a hurry,

4.    Outerwear.  Review all your pieces and decide on which one of those pieces still works this year and looks fresh. Take that piece and move toward the front of the closet so it gets the most use.

My personal favorite of the five to thrive is next!

5.    Shoes.  Men and Women, go into your closet and take a sandal, a dress shoe, and either a work out shoe or a casual shoe, then remove and replace… look for scuffs, wear and tear on the leather, heels, or toes. Simply find something that is fun and versatile for what you plan to wear this season.

Enjoy the change of season and the clothing most of all.

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