Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sadly “Daddly Jeans”

Men & Jeans; Either You’ve Got It or Forgot It.
Let’s start with they forgot it, and Sadly Daddly Jeans.  Seems like the majority of the men these days are wearing something we women like to call “Daddy Jeans”. These jeans have become a phenomenon occurring with men between the ages of 35 and 49.  Before these ages we can find men wearing Diesel Jeans, Do Denim, Fly Paper and Lucky Brand.  I’m not sure what occurs during this period of a man’s life but it’s almost like the brain has blown a fuse.
Gentlemen, if you are wearing jeans that are over your belly or you have a yard of fabric in your mid to lower region, and you’re between the ages of 35 and 49 you are wearing “Sadly Daddly Jeans”.  This means you have not looked in the mirror or bought a new pair of jeans in years.  I’m not saying that these jeans didn’t have a time or a place- I’m just saying that now is not the time or the place.  These Daddy jeans are acceptable home repair environments, gardening, or working on a greasy old car.  I’m not recommending a “sadly daddly” man to crowbar himself into a fashion forward pair of jeans for the sake of changing their look, especially if they feel awkward.  Even Levi’s, a company better known for their “man jeans”, offers a transition style for men looking to take the next step: The Levi’s 527s for example.
Men, there are some of you who have just “Got It”.  You’re the man who pays attention to ads in magazines, what people are wearing, and typically make efforts to purchase new clothes each season.  Getting it isn’t enough, understanding it helps.  Information is easy to find, you can use Google to learn about current trends, fashion, and style.  I recommend ‘people watching’ at your favorite watering hole, or even in Rittenhouse Square.  Don’t hesitate to simply ask someone whose fashion sense speaks to you, where they buy their clothes.  Just remember not all modern trends are for everybody.  Pay attention to your body type, height, and weight when choosing something new.
Those of you wearing “Sadly Daddly” jeans, don’t fret.  You can break free and feel comfortable with your choices just following a few simple rules:  1) Find a look that interests you.  2) Keep in mind your body type, height, and weight.  3) Don’t buy something your uncomfortable wearing.  There are too many choices out there today, so find something suitable for you.
Doesn’t it feel rewarding and even refreshing, to abandon your closet to try something new?  Sometimes the compliments you receive for trying a new style can even confirm you made the right decision: “You look great! What did you change?”  Everybody has the equal opportunity to feel good about what they wear because fashion can accommodate any person, body type, or personality.  Fashion is flexible and can flatter anybody, provided they make the right decisions.  You don’t have to wear skinny jeans like Justin Bieber to be up-to-date, you just have to willing to try something new.  I applaud those men who have stepped out of their comfort zone, stepped up to the plate, and took a swing at style.  Fashion is all about progression.


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